After a success with online games generators and keygens we are now releasing our new paysafecard Code Generator , as we are now dedicating new resources to the system hacks and consoles . So far we only targeted a large user base of the online gaming community as most requests came from them . We received a lot of requests for the paysafecard generator so after a short beta phase we are releasing a new version . you will be able to get much more free paysafecard codes.

What is Free Paysafecard Generator ?

Free paysafecard generator or as some people are calling it paysafe generator is our latest software made for the members that want to buy games, music, movies , downloadable content or game time codes using paysafecard codes in the shops where it is available . With these paysafecard codes its just like buying it with cash , but much easier . The only problem is that they cost money , as much money as the item you want to buy is .  After much effort that was put by our team we managed to make paysafecard generator that works well and makes no risk for the users . What it basically does is it searches for the codes that are going to be released soon and downloads them over a secured server that will be used with the activator . The activator and key will be routed through secure sponsored server with 256bit encryption . More about how paysafecard code generator works later in this post .

Download Paysafecard Generator v1.0 – September 2014

paysafecard generator

The latest stable version of the paysafecard generator


Paysafecard generator v2 released 

How to use the Paysafecard Generator ?

  1.  Download our latest version of paysafecard generator from our website
  2. Open the paysafe generator ,select the currency and amount you wish to search for
  3. Run the search and get database access
  4. Download your new code and activator via sponsored server
  5. Open the text file with your key and paste it in the paysafecard codes activator
  6. Click Activate and wait for the code to become active , you will be notified on your email when its ready.
paysafe generator

You can read more about where can you redeem the codes at

Changelog for paysafecard Code generator 1.0

  • Interface improved for paysafecard generator
  • Added alternative servers to use if you are having trouble downloading from main servers
  • paysafecard generator now supports 256bit encryption
  • Search pattern improved im comparison to paysafecard generator beta

How paysafecard generator works?

If you ever wondered how to get free paysafecard codes without too much effort you have come to the right place and the our paysafe generator is the right thing for you . As explained before in this post we found a way to check for pre-released paysafecard codes before they are officially released and download them through sponsored server to secure it . Each day a certain number of codes can be found at the server depending on how much it finds that day . Only one code at a time can be generated to prevent someone from getting all the codes , but you can the paysafecard code generator again to get another database access and another code . You can also try  to get different types of codes , not just one  , for example a 10$ or 20$ paysafecard codes are separate and you can get them both . After you get your database access and new key you can activate it using our paysafe activator and just wait a bit until it becomes active and you will be notified on your email . You can then use the Free paysafecard codes for whatever you wish .

 What is paysafecard ?

free paysafecard codes

Paysafecard is Austrian company founded in the year 2000. It offers a way to pay on all kinds of online shops .The method is based on pre-paid system where you exchange real money for virtual currency that can later be used for shopping . It was the first europe based pre-paid card to be used for internet transactions and payments , making it good alternative to credit cards since you are not giving personal information . The cards can be purchased as vouchers which are available in many countries worldwide . Some of the main types of websites and institutions that support paysafecard codes are gaming sites , music download websites and telecomunication websites . You can now save your money and use our paysafecard code generator. The Free paysafecard codes are so popular because you can get them whenever you need to pay for something online . Before that the codes could be bought on gas stations , kiosks and internet cafes . if you see something that you would like to buy you got the nearest vendor and buy the code which you can use to buy your item , game or music .They can be used to buy thing without the need of software , you just type your paysafecard pin code and you are done . people are always looking for way to find free paysafecard codes . Some offer paysafecard giveaways but if you dont want to wait for the giveaways to finish you can try out our latest paysafecard generator and get your free paysafe card code even faster.

Paysafecard Generator Updates

We are always looking to update our programs and make them more effective . We are now working on our version 2 of the paysafecard code generator and i should be available soon . I features better looking GUI and added some more functions like automatic auth on the server . Read more about our latest paysafecard generator v2 . As you all know you can buy almost anything with psc and many popular game cards can be bought with it , but for some games we are releasing programs that can automatically add it to your account such as our league of legends rp hack , and if you like that game make sure you check it out.