Habbo Hack and Cheats

Habbo  is one of the most popular online games and before they changed its name it was called Habbo Hotel , and many members still call it that way. There are many versions of this game and many websites that allow you to make a free account and play this awesome game. Most of the members play on official Habbo website , but there are some that play on other versions such as Habbix for French users. Due to the overall popularity of the game there were many requests to make a habbo cheats tool that will allow the users to generate coins and items and add them straight to your account. But before we go into the detail about the features lets see what it is.

What is Habbo Hack and what features does it have ?

Now that we have many members that play online social games we decided to make something for them as well. Some developers that specialize mainly in online game cheats have joined us on this project and we have to give them the credit for most of the part of habbo cheats features , mainly the design and detection status features which we used in our league of legends hacks as well. The most important features in this habbo hotel hack are the ability to generate the coins and items, mainly furniture or furni and add them to the account that you enter as the habbo ID, of course there is no need to enter the password. We will talk later about how it was developed , for now lets see how it looks like and where you can download it.

Habbo Hack

Habbo Hack tool main window

Habbo Hack Download [v2.4 -October 2014]

This version works with all versions , Habbo Hotel, Habbi and Habbix



Instructions for using Habbo Cheats tool

  1. Download it via the blue button above
  2. Start it and get you access key to unlock all features and click verify
  3. Choose if you want to add items or coins
  4. Choose the name of the item or the amount of coins to generate
  5. Enter your Habbo ID
  6. Click Start and wait until its finished
  7. Enjoy !!

More information about Habbo Hack and how it was developed

Habbo Cheats

Most of the time when we take requests from members we classify them into categories and then choose which one has the  most votes. Since we recently got many requests for this type of tool we saw one of them being developed already and after brief testing we saw that it is working. We contacted the developers and they actually wanted to join one of the larger sites like ours to make the better version of habbo cheats engine. We gladly accepted their help since their tool only needed a few tweaks to be perfect and to work on all Habbo versions for any country.  Otherwise we would have to design it from scratch and that would postpone it for few weeks or months. We decided to remove the one of the options and left only the furni and coin generator since these two options are actually what you need to make your game more interesting. Most of you will only use the habbo hack to generate credits and not worry about furniture because you can buy most of it with coins anyway , but its nice to have an option for that as well. One of the best features that we got from the other developer team is the auto updater feature and detection status system. It is green most of the time and if the update happens on the game server it will turn to red and you will be warned not to use it. This gives our members full security.

Here is the complete video guide from one of the members , in this video he is using the version from our developer friends blog so dont get confused, our version has the watermark of Ezhacks. Since he is from France he uses Habbix in his video , you can choose official Habbo hotel if you want.