League of Legends Hack

If you ever played LoL then you know how great and addictive this game is. The gameplay is similar to DotA , the most popular map for Warcraft 3 , but many players saw that the features Riot Games included are very fun and engaging to play. After couple of years LoL is popular as it was back in the day when it was released and that is why we decided to update our League of Legends Hack software for the latest patch. We also merged many popular programs that were previously separate into our new update , such as League of Legends RP hack , map hack , IP hack and Free RP Codes finder and activator tools. This is the most advanced version and we will talk more about each module separately a bit later in the post but lets first talk more about the main software.

What is League of Legends Hack

Back in the day when LoL was released there were many programs that allowed you to  reveal the whole map giving the player great advantage over the opponent. League of legends map hack was one of the first projects that we worked on and it turned out to be good and members loved it. Later when Influence points were introduced and in that time there were no such security measures for anti-cheat programs like there are now , it was easy to make League of legends IP hack and it was made as a separate software because it was easier to maintain. After the added security measures it was just a matter of updating the software to the latest patches. Riot points were a bit tricky at first because they are the thing that you can buy at shops for real world currency and by default had much better security measures. About 6 months later we managed to make the League of Legends RP hack that allowed the members to change the hash values without being detected on server. Ok , lets see how it looks like and where you can download it.

League of Legends Hacks

League of Legends Hack

The mail window of League of Legends Hacks where you can choose specific module

Download League of Legends Hack [September 2014 – v1.9.8]

The package includes all modules that are updated for the latest patch and checked frequently for detection


Update : New UI released !!

Now you can choose account ID and you no longer need to open the game before using it

Extra encryption is only for our fans that Like, tweet and google +1

Instructions for running the League of Legends Hacks

  1. Download via the button above and run the software
  2. Choose your module
  3. Enter the access key and verify it (you can get one easily from within the tool)
  4. Start the program and wait until it connects to the server and writes the changes
  5. Wait a bit until it takes effect and of course enjoy !!

Access key is needed to gain access to secured server where the League of legends hack process is taking place , because it needs the speed to make thousands of calculations and it would take days to finish without it and it would be easily detected . This way all accounts are 100% safe.

More information about League of Legends RP Hack

League of Legends RP Hack

Riot points codes activator for League of Legends RP Hack

One of the most popular modules that we created is certainly the LoL RP hack which was at first designed to change the encrypted hash values on the account and give you any amount of riot points that you want. These last few months what seamed to work the best is instead of using injection method , its using the Free Riot Points Codes module in our latest version of League of Legends hack which at the end has the same result but its much safer and you can even use these codes later if you want or on another account. The thing about the RP prepaid codes is that they get stored as encrypted files and need to be activated before they can be used. Its made possible with our high speed activation servers and for our fans we also have dedicated servers which can make it even faster.

More about League of Legends IP Hack

Influence Points or IP , is another type of currency which is used in to unlock champions, runes and runebook but these points can not be bought as cards online. In order to get these points you need to play the games and earn them but you can also try using our IP hack module to get more if you want to unlock champions faster for example. Its always recommended to use “extra encryption” options for added safety and this option is only available in dedicated servers for those who liked our page on facebook and google +.

About League of Legends Map hack

We mentioned it before that it was one of the first tools that we made as part of the League of Legends hack project and it allows you to reveal the map giving you edge over your opponent by removing all fog of war.This is one of the safest hacks and no one reported that they had trouble with it . It is also the one that needs most updates with every LoL Patch so if you are having problems with it just wait a bit and we will update it to new version.

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