Mists Of Pandaria Keygen Updated to v2 !!

The last version of our mists of pandaria keygen was a complete success allowing our members to get their mists of pandaria activation codes directly to their account and even before release day . Now after the Mists of pandaria is released we can upgrade the software to its full potential , allowing you to generate Mists of Pandaria Activation Keys and it will even show you your key now so you can store it for safe keeping . Its even more simple to use , you just download it from our website and get the unique access key which will authenticate you and after that you can get you free mists of pandaria key. Here are some screenshots of the new version and download link

World of warcraft mists of pandaria activation key generator -keygen v2

The new version of Mists of Pandaria CD Key Generator v2

Download the WoW Mists Of Pandaria Activation CD Key Generator v2


Updated: October 2014

-If you cant download the updated database keys from main servers download from alternative server

-use main servers if they are working

-New database access key is available

Instructions for using the new Mists of Pandaria Keygen v2

  1.  Download using the link above
  2. Start the Mists of pandaria keygen
  3. Get the unique database access key
  4. Click Generate and wait until the code is found on server
  5. Copy your key and redeem it at Battle.net
free mists of pandaria activation keys

Battle net account activated to Mists Of Pandaria

New Features in version 2 of WoW Mists of Pandaria Key Generator

One of the most noticeable features is that the old updater is gone , everything is handled in the activator now . You can get the Database access from the sponsors server just like in the previous version , but its quicker now . In the new version you can see the Mists of pandaria key that was generated so you can save it . In the previous version of mists of pandaria keygen it was done internally because the game was not yet released and only the pre-order codes were available . In v2 you can redeem your free wow mists of pandaria activation key just like any other , from the official battle.net website.

Why do we need database access key for mists of pandaria keygen v2 ?

Database access keys are used with the new WoW MOP Keygen v2 because the codes are hosted on the sponsors server and they allow us to use their encryption for maximum safety . It will also help against those who would exploit the mists of pandaria key generator to take all the codes for themself , this way only those who really need the free mists of pandaria cd key will be given access to the database . Supporting our sponsors will also make them supply more codes each day for you to use .

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