Good news , now that we have our community increased to over 10 000 members that used our software in the last year we can start implementing some of the features that we always wanted to have , and that is to have dedicated servers for our fans. That means that your activation time on all databases will be much shorter and some members will even have easier download since the script that handles the secured server is now updated to allow faster and easy access to the fans of . So you are wandering what is considered being a fan . First of all we love to see that our members are returning to us and visiting again , as well as to see recommendations on Facebook , twitter and Google Plus , and some of the other social media websites such as pinterest , tumblr and others.

The easiest way to become a fan is to Facebook Like our website and post you are interested in , for example Spotify premium codes  , Tweet about it and Google plus 1 it. That will give you access to dedicated server and will make it much faster for you to download and use our generator databases. Many members have already said that their activation rate has increased by huge margin since they started using the dedicated servers and it only takes 10 seconds to do it , maybe 2 minutes if you dont have FB, twitter or Google account , but its well worth it afterwards if you want to use our generators more then once.

To further make it more interesting and to make our website more engaging for our members, other social bookmark sites such as pinterest, tumblr, linkedin, delicious and diigo etc. will allow you to get special databases and access keys that can be used once more for every share and bookmark.