With all of our generators ported to v2 of our code we are planning to do the same thing for our spotify premium code generator. We delayed it for so long because it is working so great as it is and we did not feel like its necessary to update it just for the new skin and looks. There is also a plan to add something along the line of web based generators to avoid problems for mac users and those errors some members have with .net framework. Even if we do not release web version of our spotify generator we will still port it to the v2 and you will be able to enjoy the the new looks.

As far as the website based version of the generator it is something that we are working for quite a bit of time , and the main concept is to make the whole process available on our website directly without the need to download it to your computer . That would make it available for all users , even Mac users because current version is only for Windows due to its code. The good news is that we got some expert designers and developers to work on it and we hope it will be released in mid-end January 2013, but we cant say that for sure yet , we will certainly keep you up to date regarding the release day. Here is the current main window of our generator.

spotify premium code generator

For now , you are able to use our Spotify Premium Code Generator  at its full until we port it to version 2 since all the core files and code will remain the same because there is no need to change that while its working. What we might tweak are the server response time and activation success rate because we are planning to move to much better host and server. Currently the success rate depends on server load and how many codes are actually submitted for each day , and there is a limit of how many codes this server can process at one time so sometimes it can take up to several days for the spotify premium code to be fully processed and activated. So with the new secured server we are planning to cut that wait time almost in half and we hope it will be done really soon because we want our members to have the best possible experience . More information and the exact release date should be available in the January 2013 so stay tuned and enjoy the current version.