Dear members , a malicious user attempted an attack on our site resulting in warning when entering our website for the last 6-12 hours . Our security systems triggered but there was not enough time for server administrators to remove it before the google crawled our pages and registered it as a threat. Our server administrators have been working hard the whole night and we are now 100% back up and running. If you received a warning when entering our website that is just a security measure if something like this happens to protect our users . Now you can see that our site is secured once again and you can continue to browse our website . The code generator servers are not affected by this and you should be able to use them without any problems.

We are also buying a brand new security servers which will protect us from such threats in future. please support us by liking , tweeting and recommending our website on google + if you want to help, it means a lot and doesnt take long to do. The protection of our users is the most important thing to us.


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